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The Beast Energy Shake (BES) provides unique water bottles and drinking water additives. By using any of the resources provided by BES, you (the Member) agree to comply with the terms listed here (the Terms). If you do not wish to comply with the Terms, you are not authorized to access www.thebeastenergyshake.com or use any of the resources it provides.

BES reserves the right to modify the Terms in any way and at any time. The Member agrees to comply with the most recent version of the Terms and is responsible for checking for updates.

The Member is required to provide true and accurate information in his account, profile, listing and website. The Member is responsible for any use of his account, protecting his security information and promptly updating his billing and profile information.

The content displayed in BES may be provided by a third party and is solely the responsibility of the individual who posted it. BES is not responsible for any of the content displayed or sent through the BES website. BES does not control the content, so the Member understands that he might be exposed to offensive, inappropriate, misleading and inaccurate materials such as text, images and videos. The Member agrees to access websites and other material linked on BES at his own risk and understands that BES is not liable for any loss or damages caused by the content posted on BES or other websites that are linked through BES. Any interaction with third party entities discovered though BES is solely the responsibility of the Member and BES is not liable for any loss or damages due to this interaction.

All content on the site including text, images, software and videos are proprietary property of BES. This content cannot be copied, reproduced, downloaded or sold without the written permission of BES. The only exception is the Member's own displayed content.

BES reserves the right to collect, store and use any information entered by the Member. The Member agrees to give BES the right to store and use any information entered into the site. However, BES respects its clients' privacy and keeps confidential records.

The Member cannot access or use BES on the behalf of another individual. Furthermore, the Member cannot request another entity to use or access BES on his behalf.

The Member agrees to refrain from any conduct that is:

  1. Unlawful, threatening, harassing or offensive
  2. Pornographic or erotic
  3. Displaying personal and private information about another individual
  4. Misleading, inaccurate or deceptive

BES reserves the right to alter or delete any of the content on the website. Furthermore, BES reserves the right to deny anyone access to the service or terminate their account. These rights can be applied at anytime and without notice or refund.

The Member agrees to have his account charged for the service provided by BES and to supply a valid credit card with sufficient balance to cover any charges incurred by the use of BES. The Member also agrees that all payments to BES are final and non-refundable.

The Member agrees to have his account charged ahead of time for any services provided by BES specialists.

BES is not responsible for but may choose to refund the Member for any canceled or incomplete services.

You are accessing and using BES at your own risk. BES does not make any warranties or guaranties about the content or the services offered on the site. BES is not responsible for any loss or damages resulting directly or indirectly from the use of the site.

BES is not a licensed medical service and does not provide medication. BES's services are not intended to treat or heal any medical condition.

The Member must be at least 18 years old.

The Member agrees that BES is not responsible for the clients or their conduct. If there is a disagreement between two or more parties, they should come to an agreement on their own or, if any illegal actions have been performed, they should contact the local law enforcement authority. BES may choose to investigate any disagreements and seek a remedy, so all complaints should be reported using the contact link.

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